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Mercan dede - seyahatname

He moved to Istanbul from Bursa to study journalism and photography at Istanbul University . Upon his graduation, he received a scholarship from the University of Saskatchewan and moved to Montreal , Canada. [2] [3]

Mercan Dede believes that when you put digital, electronic sounds together with hand-made, human ones, you can create universal language, capable of uniting old and young, ancient and modern, East and West. It's a bold claim, but the Turkish-born and Montreal-based musician/producer/DJ has the career and the music to back it up. When he takes the stage with his group Secret Tribe, he hovers at the side behind his turntables and electronics, occasionally picking up a traditional wooden… read more

Mercan Dede - SeyahatnameMercan Dede - SeyahatnameMercan Dede - SeyahatnameMercan Dede - Seyahatname