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Harry (48) - mir kann keiner was!

Following the fight, Khan split from his trainer Oliver Harrison, the trainer for all of his previous 17 professional contests. The break-up was blamed on Harrison's concerns that Khan's public engagements were interfering with his fight preparations. [20] Khan's spokesman told reporters there was "nothing personal" between Khan and Harrison. [21] Dean Powell, who has trained former world champions Duke McKenzie and Lloyd Honeyghan , worked with Khan until a decision on a permanent trainer was made. In the same month, Khan had a training session in Las Vegas with Roger Mayweather , trainer and uncle of Floyd Mayweather, Jr. [20]

Is it any surprise, then, that Jesus felt such intense compassion for the poor and marginalized? That he constantly asked his disciples to care for the poor, the sick, the forgotten, the stranger? He was one of these throwaway people, and he lived among them for 30 years before his public ministry began. Christians tend to see Jesus’ commands to care for the poor as divine. And they were — Jesus was fully divine. But they also came from his human experience. He was fully human as well. I’m always amazed by people who feel they can be Christian without caring for the poor. Not only did Jesus command us to do this, Jesus himself was from this class. When God chose to join us, he joined us in Nazareth, to make sure that we wouldn’t forget.

IZ ist der Mann, der mich NOCH MEHR dazu anspornt, Sängerin zu werden. Sein Song < Over the rainbow> ist der beste Song der WELT!!!
THANKS, IZ!!!:):):):):)

Since LEDs with integrated PWM controller become more and more popular (and cheaper) many people were asking for steering these guys with Glediator. And here we go: We made a sketch for all kind of Arduino  boards (UNO, Leonardo, Mini, Micro, Mega, etc.) that receives serial data and feeds stripes / matrices of WS2811/WS2812 pixels. You can download the sketch here . 

Harry (48) - Mir Kann Keiner Was!Harry (48) - Mir Kann Keiner Was!Harry (48) - Mir Kann Keiner Was!Harry (48) - Mir Kann Keiner Was!